Life, resumed.


I went to work today. I got up at five past seven (oh, what a glorious lie in!), threw on the outfit I’d picked out in my head especially, did my makeup, had breakfast, kissed the man friend goodbye and walked out the door to work. Tiny man was still in Wexford, so less goodbyes needed there, and affording me the lie in. I looked like a normal 23 year old going to work and going about her day. It was just like a normal morning, but I had to go be productive and a contributing member of society again, which never seemed like such a big deal until I stepped out of that world.

Ten months away from work.

It’s given me one hell of an inbox to come back to. The bones of 2,000 emails have whittled down to just under 800 by deleting the unnecessary ones, but still, it is going to be a slog. I’m retraining in my role, as I’ve gone completely out of the loop, but I’m surprising myself by how much I remember (and indeed in how much I’ve forgotten). There was the inevitable forgetting of passwords, and forgetting how to do things like logging into the system. As I said to my manager, it was like my first day of school (new bag and all).

The lovely new bag, a totally necessary addition to the Worker Mama life. (Thank you Penneys).
The lovely new bag, a totally necessary addition to the Worker Mama life. (Thank you Penneys).

It was a long day. It was good – really nice to see people, mostly new faces, but friendly all the same. It felt good to have a purpose again – not that I didn’t at home with tiny man, but to be someone other than Mama, with more conversation points than how big that burp was, and how wonderful/big/cute he is. I was kept going with pictures of him being sent to me (on the shiny new iPhone, yay), which was really nice.

The best part of all was coming home and having him look up at me with his massive grin. I was half afraid he’d ignore me, punish me for leaving him, but it seemed that any issue he had with my abandonment of our lazy days of wanders around town came second fiddle to showing Mammy how he has discovered his toes, and that they’re the funniest thing ever. What a homecoming.

I guess this officially means I’m a working mama. New title to add to the CV. Roll on Monday.


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