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It’s been a bit of a mad week here at the Four Walls, Rainy Days house. Lots of great stuff going on, E made his transition to full daycare (three days a week) at his wonderful creche, we appeared in The Irish Independent and my article was published in Maternity & Infant. On top of everything, at my first Weight Watchers Weigh In, I found out that despite not feeling any different, I’d lost 5 pounds – clearly doing something right. There’s a rather lovely linky going about, hosted by butwhymummywhy, that some of my favourite bloggers have been participating in, so I decided to join in the fun! These are my Little Loves of the week that was!


Lots and lots of bedtime stories! We made our trip back to the library to pick out some new stories, and found some absolute gems – my personal favourite is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, such a beautiful story with the most gorgeous illustrations – I think a part of me resonated with the penguin not being lost but lonely!

Lost and Found Oliver Jeffers Kids book

Definitely going on the To Buy List – this is what I love the library for, it allows us to see what books are worth reading time and time again, and which ones should go back on the shelf. E has gotten very into “reading” his books too – while refusing to go to sleep, I managed to snap him getting very into Night Monkey, Day Monkey. (Never mind the fact that it is upside down)

toddler boy reading in cot bed
Never to early to start bedtime reading!

Blog-wise, which is the majority of my reading these days, there were two posts in particular that I was nodding along to and thinking that they were describing my house. Firstly, this piece from Mind The Baby, about the toddler whining stage – we’re definitely there in this house! The other is a bit more of a laugh-a-long while realising how true some of them are, from My Little Babóg, “When Dad’s left Home Alone with the Kids” – I’m reminded of some photos I’ve been sent on days where I’ve managed to escape for a few hours and laughing. Definitely a piece I think others can identify with!


We’ve finally gotten to Season Three of House of Cards – overall I’m not as super excited by the first two episodes but hopefully it will get back into the swing of things soon! Claire’s clothes are perfection, as ever. We’ve also been checking out Between; which gets more confusing and suspenseful by the week – really not sure what’s going on half the time! I’ve also been watching a lot of Youtube – this clip has kept me in stitches!


Summer has hit Cork City; meaning we can throw off the winter layers at long last (yes, it is June not November!), which means that sandals have replaced the heavy shoes and boots – this week we’ve discovered E has inherited his Mammy’s fat feet (being a 4G) and so cannot fit into any of the Clarks sandals with any level of comfort. Not to worry, in another shop we found a pair which makes sure his feet get the air (as long as they’re left on, he’s figured out the velcro very quickly).

For me, it’s been a vest and jeans week BUT my big thing this week has been my big delivery of Elegant Touch nails, since I went a bit mad lately seeing they had a sale. They do require a post all of their own; but I’m currently wearing “Storm” from their Polished range which I got at a really discounted price from what it would have been in Boots where I normally get them. Yay for sales!

false nails elegant touch storm



This hasn’t been a very crafty week; E’s crafty present for Fathers Day was made in creche – the crafting is being left until next week perhaps. I did however discover the joy of homemade ice coffees, complete with sugar free syrup – I got both toffee and caramel flavours from TK Maxx – making use of the Nespresso machine in the hot weather! Definitely made for a nice treat enjoying the sun on our balcony!

iced coffee on balcony in sunshine blue sky



As a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan, I’ve always loved their soundtracks, this song from the latest season is an absolutely gorgeous cover – very calming!

And one last thing…

For the day that’s in it; heres a shoutout to all the dads out there – to my own lovely Dad, who is always at the other end of the phone for a chat, to listen to a rant or to tell me how to fix an inevitably broken household item (this is what Dad’s are for, right?) and my very lovely Himself, who is the best Daddy E could have (and E shows it, Dad-dy is his favourite new word) – and to all of the other Dads out there who make their kids laugh, smile and stop ranting down the phone – you’re doing a kick ass job and we love you for it.



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