Little Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten to do one of these – life has been rather hectic around here with himself away with work, and our going up and down to Waterford and Wexford. We’ve also had some rather not-summer-like weather which hasn’t inspired much in the way of happy thoughts – it’s as if August took a holiday of its own and left November in charge, rather unfairly! Despite all of that though, there have been some good points, so as a form of a round up of the last few weeks, here’s what my Little Loves looks like this week!


I’m currently in the midst of reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kundo. I 100% blame The Clothesline. My former self is laughing hysterically at me but I’m actually starting to get into it, which I’m thinking either means that I REALLY need it, or I really need to head back to my psychiatrist. Time will tell, though the house hunting is inspiring a lot more of the need-to-bin-everything thoughts. There will never, ever be enough storage space, I’m convinced of it.

Fiction wise; I’m revisiting the brilliant Sinead Crowley’s first novel, Can Anybody Help Me? before I move onto the sequel, Are You Watching Me?, which I’m quite excited about. I’ve also gotten a copy of The Girl on the Train from the library which I’ve been hearing amazing things about all Summer long so hopefully it lives up to the hype in my head!

Blogwise; which seems again to be where the vast majority of my reading happens (one day it will be literary classics, I promise!), there have been some fantastic posts this week. The lovely Suzy of The Airing Cupboard hit her due date and was none too impressed about the lack of care given to her eviction notice by that Bubs in her Uterus.  I really did relate a lot to Tracey from Love of Living who wrote about how internet addiction is interfering with her own reading – I’m in the exact same boat here! Finally, one of my favourite writers, Claire Hennessy, shared this rather wonderful piece about mental health – definitely well worth a read, whether or not you yourself have had issues with mental health – recovery is not quite as simple as “just talking” and while that side of things and getting rid of stigma is great and all, sometimes it is time to take further measures. She says it way more perfectly than I could here.


I had all these great plans to get a load of new show watching in while himself was away, without judgement or having to see if it was something both of us wanted to watch. It didn’t happen.

I did do some re watching (again) of Greys Anatomy, the earlier seasons. It’s my comfort blanket, what can I say?

I’ve also been checking out some new vlogs while I’m working on starting up my own YouTube channel – the editing is an education in itself – this very lovely clip from fellow IPB blogger El and Baby A made me smile and take a minute to realise how lucky having my son has made me. Even when he wakes me at ridiculous o clock.



This song was playing in the background on my train to Thurles on Saturday morning – always love a bit of Ed Sheeran and it has been stuck in my head ever since.


A dent into house hunting. Unfortunately, the house I fell madly in love with chose someone else, so I’ve now become a likely bane of another landlord’s life until I find somewhere new that will match up. By the end of the month, because, you know, no pressure. Please don’t have me living in a cardboard box in this weather.. I continue to make phone calls, to people who I can hear rolling their eyes at the girl who should clearly have great mindreading powers to know that house is gone 10 minutes previous, or despite them not listing it in the ad, is only allowed to be discussed with them within the hours of 1 and 1.45pm or some other rubbish. One hung up in a huff the other day. Ugh. Need to find me a house, stat. Two viewings (so far) coming up on Tuesday. And then the Konmari method will totally be in play as to lessen the amount of crap (i.e. beloved possessions, never used) that needs to come with us.


On Saturday we attended the wedding of a college friend of mine, Siobhan, and her lovely now-husband, Keith in Thurles. It was an absolutely amazing day; complete with a super personal wedding ceremony, beautiful dinner and of course the radiant bride in a stunning gown. I took the opportunity to get a bit more glammed up than usual, as you can see in these pics…

No, a bird didn’t crash into my head. It’s meant to look that way. This also seems to be my only photo of the dress. Oops.


Lace effect on my nails – bit of elegance from Elegant Touch!


I didn’t actually get a picture of the dress in full (silly me) but if you want to squint, turn your head to the side and use your imagination really well, you can probably transplant my head onto the models body to get a general idea here. Sadly, the dress, while on sale when I got it, wasn’t at such a bargain price when I did! Really nice fit though, and VERY forgiving (though of course helped by the Penneys very punishing magic knickers. Ouch).
And Lastly…

E has really come on in leaps and bounds the last few weeks – his Dada arrived home from his work trip to find a boy confident with walking, cheeky, showing him dance moves and exclaiming “uh-oh” to everything. It’s hectic and can be maddening at times but in general I am loving the stage he’s at right now, becoming a proper little person!


fun at four am. yay sleep regression?

So that’s been my last little while, things I’ve been loving and stuff we’ve been up to. How about you, what have you been loving? Let me know in the comments!

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