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Another week gone by, another pile of things I should have or could have done (including a lot of blogging to be fair). Instead, I’ve got a teething toddler (molars, you are my new nemeses) who isn’t mad on sleeping or staying asleep, with an additional ear infection in both ears and a week of making plans and getting organised ahead. That said, it’s not all bad, so I’ve decided to keep going with contributing to the wonderful Little Loves linky hosted by butwhymummywhy – a bit of positivity will never do any harm! So without further ado, lets get that happy train on the road!


As well as checking out my piece “Changing the Idea of Younger Mothers” on Huffington Post this week, I’ve been getting a fair bit of other blog reading done too. The lovely Office Mum tells of her newfound Work-at-home-mammy life, which really interested me as it’s somewhat the category I’ve been flung into at the moment. I have drooled over the amazing vegan cake right over here on The Airing Cupboard (how does she make “healthy” food look so damn delicious? Mine never turn out like this..). Finally, At The Clothesline had me in stitches (and nodding along in knowing what thats like!) with her post about how she’s been channelling her inner booty-loving-American-top-40 singer. Such things are what have kept me sane in an absolutely manic week. Book-wise, I’m reading not the lightest of books, “Goodbye, Dearest Holly” by Kevin Wells – I’m a true crime story nerd, I like these kind of books, always have, yes I know its a strange obsession but there we have it. I started reading this book when I was having a bad day. Well, it’s made me reconsider the definition of a bad day. I knew the basics of the story – I think you had to be living under a rock to miss the abduction and murder of the two little girls from Soham back in 2001 and the court case which followed – but at the time I was the same age as the girls involved so obviously didn’t pick up on the finer details. Reading it as a parent is absolutely harrowing, but it is a gripping read, the story told by the father who wanted justice for his daughter honestly (lots of swearing and mentions of wanting to harm his daughters killers) and meaningfully. As I said, not a light read, but very interesting.


We’re still making our way through the third season of House of Cards – it’s a bit more slow burning than the others but I’m starting to properly get into it now, Claire still remains who I want to be when I eventually grow up – even if mostly for her clothes and the way she gets her hair to look fab like that. Apart from that and the season finale of Between, which led to more questions than answers, there has been a lot of kids tv. I blame the rain (yes Irish Summer, you fickle fellow, you abandoned us for a day or two there). We’ve watched a bit of Peppa Pig, who I somewhat want to strangle but I’m intrigued as to whether or not Supernanny pays a visit in future episodes, some Dora the Explorer/Go Diego Go (equally as headwrecking as each other) and the A Cinderella Story, because yeah, why not, some light feel-good Disney and some younger Chad Michael Murray to boot. Not bad.

He was pretty cute back in the day. Them eyes. (Pic from
He was pretty cute back in the day. Them eyes. (Pic from


Again I feel rather boring with regard to this kind of post – I’m very much so a jeans and tank top uniform, with either boots or runners, but I did change my hair so I guess that might count as something notable. In Summer 2011 I made the decision to dye my hair blonde when I was looking for a change in my life. Four years on, I’ve come to the conclusion that blondes don’t have more fun, but they do have higher bills from the hairdresser, so I’ve gone back to my roots (excuse the pun) and headed back to being a brunette for the moment. It IS a temporary dye but I think I may stay this way for a while. Far easier to keep, and a change is as good as a holiday, or so they say. Wouldn’t turn down a holiday though…

brown hair four walls rainy days
New hair, don’t care. Or Something.


The many screams and cries of a little man in pain. I wish there was nicer music to drown it out, really. All I can say is “I know, sweetheart” and “Mammy’s here”. Not much help to him (or me). That said, the Cups Song from Pitch Perfect has been stuck in my head for the last two weeks since re-watching, so this version by Sam Tsui, Kina Grannis, Alex G and Kurt Hugo Schneider (I’ve long loved Sam and Kurt’s work) is absolutely gorgeous and deserves a few listens!


Progress with my life, somewhat. As well as getting my apartment organised (hello wardrobe space!), I got a letter this week which has made my financial situation a bit easier and relieved quite a bit of stress that I had been dealing with lately. Apart from that, a LOT of skinny lattes with my new bestie, Mr Nespresso Machine (broken aerocinno lid and all). It’s been a big coffee week with my poor sick baba.

And Lastly…

The boy wonder is properly walking a little bit. Mostly holding hands, which means a lot of wandering our apartment back and forth, but he’s getting a lot more confident (when he’s not whinging, crying and asking to be picked up – yay for Nurofen and it’s pain relieving magic) which means absolutely nothing is safe. Happily he’s learned the safe way to get off the couch. But yeah. Nothing is safe. What childproofing have I likely forgotten but is absolutely essential? Let me know in the comments please!

The fact that those are size Newborn shorts depresses me. He's 15 months.
The fact that those are size Newborn shorts depresses me. He’s 15 months.


So that has been my week – a rather quiet one for blogging because of everything going on – this will improve, I promise! What have you been loving lately?


  1. Lovely idea for a blog post. I love this little round up and well done to your boy on walking. You must be so proud. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

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