Loves of December

It has been a while since I have done one of these! There has been a lot going on lately, getting caught up with Christmas plans, a lot of health related stuff (semi positive for once!) and general taking care of tiny man mixed with being a worker mama – it takes a lot out of you. However, with that in mind there has been a lot of lovely stuff going on too – December is for the most part a happy month, filled with positivity as well as being freezing cold. So what have I been loving at the moment?

Pretty Nails
In addition to the becoming a proper girly girl here, I’ve recently developed a penchant for pretty nails with minimal effort. With everything else going on I don’t have the time, or funds for that matter, to indulge in regular manicures. But for a night out I do often feel like my nails (all short and either unpainted or badly done – I’m definitely not the most skilled in this art) don’t add to my look in any way. I was recently watching a video by blogger Zoella, who seems to be EVERYWHERE at the moment, and she mentioned Elegant Touch Express Instant Nails. I am a total convert. I decided to pick them up to see what they were like and am in love. The general concept of them is that you peel off the plastic and can stick them on straight away and voila, pretty manicure. They’re made even better by being included in 3 for 2 in Boots, yay. Because my nails take a bit more of a beating, I have added nail glue as well – it makes them last a bit longer. They’ve also developed beautiful nails with House of Holland – especially in Christmas designs – which I am more excited about than I should be. But yes, definitely a love of this month 🙂


Immovable Lipstick, joy!

I’ve written previously about my relentless hunt for the perfect lipstick – one that looks decent with my skin tone, has staying power, and most importantly doesn’t go all over everything – my poor coffee cups! This is something I’ve been lamenting for a while – but no longer! The other day, I was browsing in Penneys and at the till came across the new Rimmel Provocalips. It claimed to hold for 16 hours and be transfer-proof (or as the ads claim, kiss proof). Honestly, I didn’t believe it. Been there, seen that, been sorely disappointed. I was wrong. Within hours I deemed it a miracle product. I picked it up in a gorgeous shade of red called “Kiss Me You Fool”. Its simple – apply the liquid lipstick, wait until it dries and then apply the gloss – and voila, transfer proof and long lasting. While it doesn’t quite last 16 hours, it does survive food, drink, numerous kisses to the baby’s head… and not a transfer! Amazing. I’ve since picked it up in a pretty vibrant pink shade called “Little Minx”, which is just as nice! And even better, only 5.99 in Penneys, score!


Santa Visit

So yesterday we had our first ever visit to Santa. We went to Mahon Point, queued up with a lot of other “first christmas” babies, and spent a sum total of about three minutes next to a man whose beard E tried yanking off his face. However, no crying about sitting next to the big white bearded man, but a bit of a stunned picture from the flash – we all look decent in it, which is just as well as it’s going to be kept forever!


A winner was picked out of the draw for the Netflix prize – Orla Gallagher is the happy winner – congratulations!

Next week I’m planning a trip to Wexford/Waterford, where I’ll see family and get to join in with all the Interval fun, going to complete my hoard of Christmas shopping, yay, and hopefully continue with the joy 🙂 What are your things you’re loving at the moment?



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