Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

So we’re half way through the week, I’m on my Friday of my work week (only 3 days in this week, the joy of my long weekend last weekend!), and honestly, I’m only fit for the bed. Life has been so hectic lately and I think I’m just rather run down, and looking after a tiny man with a huge personality and a large capacity for exploring requires so much more energy than I ever could have anticipated. Honestly, if you could bottle his energy, I’m fairly sure you could make a fortune selling it to poor wrecked people like me!

On the side of all this hecticness, theres been certain things keeping me going; these have been my little loves of the week!


Bookwise, I’m currently making my way through Slim with Tina, the book which is accompanying my overhaul of my eating plan. It’s all about eating the right things, not dieting but adjusting my diet to something healthy and doing it for me, not to lose weight but to be healthy. After my experiences with Weight Watchers and losing my baby weight, I think I was in definite need of a readjustment of my relationship with food – I’ll be writing more on this in due course because this is a massive learning thing for me and I have lots of opinions on it forming as I turn every page! Definitely worth a read if you’re looking to overhaul your diet for the better health and even just your attitude towards food.

Blogwise, which seems to be the vast majority of my reading these days (I do miss book reading but I get so tired that I’m going to sleep within a few pages!), there have been a few absolute jewels over the last week. My favorite post, which had me tearing up a bit (and I can’t even blame sleep deprivation), is by the lovely Fiona at Dolly Dowsie, with her beautiful post to her son Tyler Lee, which says everything I want to say to my son and more; but in the most wonderful words. Do not read if you’re feeling emotional and are in a public place; consider yourself warned. On the other end of the spectrum if you want to feel a bit more insignificant, this post by Mind the Baby definitely does help – you are but a tiny dot in the solar system. So nobody can actually see that spot, promise.


So along with reading Slim with Tina, I’ve also been making some adjustments to my diet. I’ve noticed I’m definitely an emotional eater and come 6pm, I have to stop myself from reaching for the snacks; whether this is out of habit, boredom or stress I’m not quite sure but its a definite pattern I need to rectify. What I’ve been snacking on though has changed; I’ve moved away from the small packet of biscuits with my tea in work and have found myself snacking on nuts, rice cakes with peanut butter and banana (delicious), and I’ve even made a sweet potato cake which is definitely a healthier cake fix. Sounds kinda iffy, tastes absolutely amazing – super moist and full of wonderful sweet potato goodness. Think banana bread but with obvious substitutions!




We’ve seen a lot of sofa time in our house lately; in an attempt to teach E that his own bed is where he sleeps and Mammy and Daddys bed is only for morning cuddles (we try!) any longterm wakeup results in a move to the sofa, under a duvet where we attempt to get him to go back to sleep and often end up crashing there ourselves. What can I say, comfy sofa. I’ve spent that time watching shows, generally catching up on Hollyoaks or re-runs of Law and Order SVU. This morning I decided to try “How to Get Away with Murder”, another show by the wonderful Shonda Rhimes. Anyone who knows me knows of my obsessiveness with Greys Anatomy, its like a comfort blanket show for me, but I was disappointed by the initial episodes of Scandal so wasn’t sure what to expect with this. I shouldn’t have worried. From the get go I was enraptured and I’m actually mad to watch the next episode when I get home later – definitely worth a watch if you’re into legal dramas or suspense thrillers at all! I really hope the momentum holds up because it looks to be fantastic.


So the ends of the sales have kicked in and I made the most of them in as budget friendly a way I could; nothing particularly clothes wise but I’m sorted for the little things. In particular, the Lush and Boots Sales called me, yodeled my name even, so I now have a stash of little bits for a present-box or for pick me ups later in the year when I need them. The Lush stuff deserves a post of its own, it was so fruitful a visit, but overall, I’m happy with my haul. In particular my favorite bargain in Boots, apart from the baby clothes (such good quality!) was the Umberto Giannini Big Hair kits – mini shampoo and conditioner with hair rollers to give my hair a bit of volume, down from 12 euro to less than 4 euro, which is less than what the shampoo would cost. I picked up two of these as I really liked the shampoo and conditioner and find that they do give my hair a bit more volume. As for the curlers, I’m yet to get the knack of giving myself wonderful voluptuous curls but I’m getting there, and these will fill the void while I lust after creations like this from Babyliss and vow to add this to my Santa list next year!


So go on, tell me in the comments, what have you been loving this week? Have you checked out How To Get Away With Murder?


    1. Thank you 🙂 Your post the other night definitely set me off on a tangent of feeling very small indeed 🙂 loved it 🙂

  1. Ooh – great to have a new TV recommendation! I was dreadfully disappointed with Scandal – had assumed it would be something like House of Cards. So bad, so so bad. Is How to get away with murder on regular TV or Netflix?

    1. I found it on a streaming site but hopefully it will make its way to Netflix soon! I’ve heard Scandal gets better if you stick with it but if you have to wait several episodes in to start liking something theres a problem!

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