Loves of the Week!

So it has been a hectic week here – one could say a pretty harsh week if you observed all of the broken sleep and screaming baby-ness (teething is taking it out of the whole lot of us and its only just begun..). However, theres no point in dwelling in the negativity and as a whole it hasn’t been a completely diabolical week. So in that vein, I’ve decided to compile a list of things I’ve loved this week – I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this and in order to mix up the blog to avoid negativity, I’m joining the bandwagon.

New Makeup

In particular, the Smashbox Try It Kit. I’ve used Smashbox before, after receiving one of their starter kits as a birthday present last year and absolutely loved some of their stuff – I’m in dire need of getting a new blush as its broken in bits but still using it, and their primer is the best thing ever. I’ve been on the hunt for a new eyeliner lately, one that will stay on for longer than ten minutes, and my mascara needed replacing so when a jaunt to Boots presented me with the Try It kit which contained both, as well as a sampler sized primer, eye primer and lipgloss for €22 I was sold.


I’m in love with the liner, it stays on, it doesn’t smudge and it hasn’t instantly flattened like many a liner before it. The mascara isn’t clumpy, it makes my lashes nice and big without being too out-there, so its grand for day time use, and most importantly it stays on but comes off when I want it to – with tiny man I can’t exactly afford ridiculous amounts of time wrestling with eye makeup at night time if I want to get any sleep! I knew the primer would be amazing as it was the same one I’ve been using a while. Overall, a really good deal, as the liner itself in a bigger size is €18.

Weight Watchers

So I wrote in an earlier post that I decided to start Weight Watchers, and an even earlier post about my quest to venture towards the realm of “yummy mummy”. First weigh in was today and I’m down 5 lb, happy out with that. I definitely thought it would be a lot tougher, but I still get to start my day with a big bowl of yummy porridge with fruit, and am just filling up on veg and cutting out the crap. That’s not to say its easy – I live on a street with many takeaways in its proximity, but I’m now motivated to keep going and get the baby weight gone!

Happy Porridge
Happy Porridge


I’m thankfully still allowed my morning lattes, just now with skimmed milk, so currently living off Nespresso Vanillio capsules after long nights of trying to calm my poor teething tiny man.


Some day soon I plan this to contain actual books, but for now my main reading material seems to be made up of blog posts. This week, a blogger whose blog I devoured when pregnant, and who seemed to take a break for a few months, is back and I’m loving it. Ciara at Ouch My Fanny Hurts wrote about her white top wearing skills and made me majorly jealous (though she’s had to get through the war zone of bringing up babies to get there, I’m only on the journey there!).

I’ve also been food-perving on this post about “healthy” chocolate cake by the lovely Suzy at Mrs H Goes Paleo. I’ve long been a fan of her other blog, The Airing Cupboard but now she’s threatening my diet with her serious food porn and stating its healthy (just not WW friendly as far as I can tell, sad face).

I’m after purchasing actual books (albeit on the subject of the downfall of the Irish economy, to appease my economics nerd self, but books nonetheless) so may actually add those to the list some time soon.

Listening To

We Built This City (On Rock and Roll) – Aron Wright and Jill Andrews

This song has been on a loop here the last few weeks. It featured in the last season of Greys Anatomy, along with many other incredible 1980s covers, and its been in my head ever since. Absolutely gorgeous version of the song.


Feeding time tends to mean Netflix time in this house. Through one particular afternoon where E deemed we should stay on the couch and not move for fear of him wanting to scream the place down, I managed to make it through a considerable portion of the final season of 90210 and finished it. I’m not going to say it was good. It was definitely fluffy trash tv, but it was nice to get the resolution.

The more gritty side of me has been indulging again in Law and Order SVU, but using a free trial of Hulu for this as Netflix has failed to update past Season 12. I plan at some point to invest myself in Orange is The New Black too.

So thats been my week, how about yours? I hope to keep the positivity up on a weekly basis, its a nice little addition to the blog.




  1. This is lovely! So many nice things to focus on (though I know that’s hard on lack of sleep)…at least you have Coffee and Make up in there!

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