Lunch at Lishh – More Cork Ramblings

I love finding new places to try out for lunch in Cork City, especially places that are good value for money with varied menus to treat my tastebuds. Recently, a cafe I had tried once before in it’s old location in Turners Cross, Lishh, moved to the Dosco Business Park on the South Douglas Road, closer to my house, and I took it as a great excuse to try it out properly. Lishh is a mixture of a deli cafe, food seller and catering company – now located directly across from Cork Meat Company and The Good Fish Company, two excellent fresh food sellers – the perfect combination.

Lunch at Lishh - Cork City 2016

We’ve tried lunch in Lishh a couple of times since it opened in late February in the new premises, and on no occasion were we disappointed. Each time I go, I resolve that next time it will be to try their breakfast menu, as it looks incredible also. However, sticking just to lunch (and, for the moment, ignoring the very tempting dessert selection available), the choices available are excellent and broad enough to fit most tastes.

I’m a big fan of their frittata with salads option on the lunch menu – sweet potato, feta and spinach is a great mix for a healthy and filling lunch, with generous portions of salads to boot. As I’m not a leafy salad eater aside from spinach leaves, it’s great to not be faced with a salad I won’t eat and instead offered other, more delicious, options. Personal favourite here is the curried carrot!

Lunch at Lishh Frittata and Salads -

For something more dinner-like, their lasagne is an excellent choice. Served with thick cut chips (with skins on), it’s a filling and tasty choice that again comes in a generous portion.

Lunch at Lishh - Lasagne and Lishh -

Himself has been a big fan of their warm chicken and blue cheese salad, as well as their panini option (again, served with those thick cut chips).

Lunch at Lishh - Panini and Chips - Lunch at Lishh - Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad -

Service has been cheerful and quick each time, barring one occasion where it seemed a communication issue caused a delay, however upon bringing it up the staff could not have done more to make the experience better.

As for the dessert options? I’ve had to avoid them with my diet lately, because they are super tempting. I’ve tried the caramel slice before and would definitely recommend it – perfect with a cup of tea!

Lishh also offers ready made dinner options, sold in their fridge, alongside their fruit and vegetable sales – if you’re stuck for dinner they’re easy to bung in the oven and really tasty from what I’ve heard – we haven’t tried them yet, but they sure look good!

Have you tried out Lishh yet? If not, you’re missing out.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked for a review, or offered any payment or discount for one – this is literally just a discovery that deserves sharing.