Mama needs a holiday – Wonder Week #4

So, if Google is to be believed, the last three nights in a  row have been part of the fourth wonder week. We’ve hit 16 weeks old and it seems we have entered this vortex of sleepless hell, the four month sleep regression – and worse, it supposedly can last five or six weeks. We were just getting the hang of waking up once overnight, and then up at six am. I was actually getting used to being an early bird. But now its a fight to go to sleep, and worse, a fight to stay asleep. My lovely placid baby has been replaced by this screaming, angry tiny tyrant. I am not a fan.

Wonder Week 4 - Mama Needs A Holiday

Finding others online who had tales of this plight was both reassuring and worrying at the same time. Blog posts entitled “We don’t sleep anymore” and “Hell” don’t exactly incite confidence in an end to this anytime soon. They also all seem to cite the same advice: sugar and caffeine – not looking good for this diet of mine. So in the aim of retaining some form of sanity, Mama needs a holiday. Though the tiny breaks I’ve gotten over the last few days have definitely made a dent.

On Saturday, I made it along to the evening part of the Cork Bloggers Meet-Up, organised by Dolly Dowsie and At The Beauty Desk, in Costigans bar. There were awesome makeup demos from Shisheido, GOSH Cosmetic and Mememe, and a really good atmosphere with all the other bloggers who were there – it was really nice to meet others who do the same thing, though most of them were far more established at blogging than I am! Upon leaving, we were given goodie bags which, I kid you not, make my living room look like Christmas has exploded – there will be a detailed blog post about it later, when I manage to figure out where to start!

Yesterday, E went to his Granny’s house for the day for some bonding time with her and his uncles – after keeping us up all night, a day off from Mammy duty felt incredible. I got my hair done, got some clothes shopping done in shops I can’t get into with the buggy and even got a nap in – pure heaven. I think I’m a lot more sane for it now, even though we had a similarly small amount of sleep last night, I’m a lot more easy going for it than I was the previous night.

So in the mean time, we venture through this “wonder” week. Praying for some sleep, or a lotto win to hire a fleet of Nanny’s to rotate the night shift..


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  1. Oh I sympathise with you on this one!! Luke hit every sleep regression stage with a vengeance! I honestly thought it would never end and then he got 4 teeth within a week or 2 of each other so the build up to that was pure hell! We got a break at 10 months, almost over night he started sleeping better, practically all night long and by 11 months a 10 / 12 hour sleep was the norm. This week he’s stretching even further and going for 13 hours, he woke this just as I was about to go in and wake him this morning at 8.35am! It does happen and I think the 4 month and 6 month regression is the worst and yes it can last for up to 6 weeks but it will pass I can assure you. Although many people said this to me in the first 10 months and I honestly didn’t believe them! We would just bring Luke in with us on the bad nights, we found we all managed to get some sleep that way. Hope you all can catch some Zzzz’s soon.

    1. Thank you! Yes tales of survival definitely welcome 🙂 10 months seems so far away now but heres hoping we get there in one piece! He’s wound up in our bed at some point each night so far..

  2. Sounds like you definitely needed that break, it’s so important to take time out for yourself to recharge your batteries especially when E is not sleeping well.

    Speaking from my own experience, I found this part hard too but it will pass eventually so hang in there!

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