Handsome Devils and HomeMade Dinners: My May Little Loves

It’s almost the end of May. We’ve managed to survive another month which included some solo parenting, while D has been away. I’m grateful that the trips have gotten a lot shorter in recent months. Random weeks are much easier to deal with than long stretches that feel like they’re home less than they’re away. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of a month. So, as a bit of a catch up on real life, here’s a snapshot of our lives today as part of the My Little Loves linky on Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

May Little Loves

My true-crime loving self has gotten stuck into the new series Netflix released mid month, The Keepers. It’s the story of the murder of a young nun, Sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik, in November 1969 in Baltimore, Maryland. Simple murder mystery this one is not, I’m currently on episode 3 and feeling ALL of the emotions. I’m finding it a bit tough to watch all in one go, so I’m coming and going from it.

During the month, I headed to the cinema with my friend Riona for a rare girls night out, when E was staying in Granny’s. We went to see Handsome Devil, a GORGEOUS Irish film from John Butler. It’s a coming of age story based in an all boys boarding school. There’s a lot of rugby, but don’t let that put you off. It has hints of “Oh Captain, My Captain” in parts, as well as just being charming. Well worth checking out in the cinema.

Eliott has recently discovered Transformers: Rescue Bots over on Netflix. Which means that we have the theme song permanently stuck in our heads. At least it’s a break from Paw Patrol for a little while, right? Now to get him to watch more than one episode over and over and over (there are 3 seasons, but he doesn’t care).

I was thrilled to see that Claire Hennessy’s latest YA novel was released this month. I’d been looking forward to it since reading the initial synopsis, and “Like Other Girls” did not disappoint. It wraps up all the feelings about sexuality, growing up in modern Ireland and the 8th amendment. An emotional read, but one I couldn’t put down once I started. While it’s marketed as Young Adult, my very-much-so-adult self would recommend it for all.

I’ve also started reading “The Other Side of The Wall” from fellow parenting blogger Andrea Mara, who writes at Officemum.ie. I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s got lots of twists and turns that pull the reader in! In the non-fiction side of things, I’m also starting in on Gut, which was very kindly lent to me by the lovely Suzy who is my guru on all things like that. It’s definitely opening my eyes to small changes I can make that will hopefully make much bigger changes in my overall health!

Blog wise, there’ve been a few pieces which have caught my eye.

This gorgeous piece from Kellie at My Little Babog really is what collaborative posts should be about: honest posts from the blogger working in the other details, not the other way around. It was gorgeous. If it doesn’t make you tear up, you’re a stronger person than I am!

On the same topic, this post from Lady Nicci on the realities of parenting two under three and how TOUGH it all is really struck a chord with me.We are going through the Terrible, Terrible Threes here at the moment and her realisation that the toddler years are SO much harder than the baby ones is one that rang true here.

Having read all the advice on parenting, and sleep, and every article on stemming the toddler tantrums, this little snippet of advice from Mind The Baby was much needed this week. If you’re feeling a bit advice-d out, or simply like nothing is working for you, you NEED to read this. Not just for parenting, for everything.


I’m on the hunt for a new pair of proper runners, but in the mean time I’ve been hanging out in the most comfy Penneys runners I’ve ever seen. They’re practical, memory foam insole and while they won’t be winning any style awards, they do me for the creche run. Unfortunately I may be in need of something a bit more supportive for my arches and heels long term, but they were a good €10 bargain! (Recommendations for new runners much appreciated – I’m kickstarting June with a personal trainer who is set to teach me how to gym without further breaking myself, so in need of good support!).


I’ve been looking for more healthy dinners that the whole family will eat, so was thrilled to discover this incredible Slimming World friendly Chicken and Leek pie. To me it’s a proper comfort food dinner, and will definitely be making it onto my regular dinners list! Licked plates all round! (Obviously, only remembered to take a photo after the fact, so here’s one in the oven dish!).

Chicken and Leek Pie May Little Loves


In the car, I’ve been listening to a lot of 00’s remixes on Deezer. I’ve currently got a trial from switching over to Three a few months back. I’m loving it. Nothing quite like getting right back to the teen years with music – though my backup list of Songs That Make Me is always a good one for a drive!

Podcast wise, I’ve been enjoying a number of True Crime podcasts, including Casefile and S’laughter. (Check out my recent post on the Top 8 to check out here). I’ve also found really inspiring get-up-and-go stuff from people like the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert. The latter are definitely a better option for my subconcious to go to sleep to than the former…. I speak from experience!

I’ve got a competition running on the blog Facebook page from 31 May – 7 June to win a gorgeous organic gift set for a new baby from the fab Talihina’s Baby Boutique. Check out the details on this post – and get your name in early!

May Little Loves competition
The prize in question!

June is set to be rather high intensity – I’ve been asked to speak at From Bump To Beyond public forum about perinatal mental health and bonding with my son, which is really amazing. It looks set to be a great evening, and aside from some nerves about public speaking (I’m a bit rusty!), I’m looking forward to it. I’m also headed to see Robbie Williams the following Saturday. I saw him in 2012 in Dublin at a brilliant charity gig, so I can’t wait to go again. So it’s hopefully going to be a good month ahead.

How was your May 2017? What have you got planned for the month ahead? I’d love to hear about it. Get in touch in the comments, or over on Facebook.

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