Mental Health Monday : A New Blog Series

I’ve written before a few times on this blog about my struggles with mental health, and in particular with postnatal depression. It’s a topic which is very close to my heart and something which I am passionate about. It’s something I feel is coming a long way in our little country, and in the world as a whole – certainly in contrast with ten years ago it seems that the stigma is certainly decreasing – but there is still a long way to go.

Mental Health Monday - a new series where parents can share their experiences of living with mental illness - new posts going up every Monday at 6pm GMT. Check it out for more information. 2016.

To try to reduce stigma, the best way we can go forward is to share stories – stories from normal people who have lived with mental illness (of any kind) and learn how it has impacted their lives. For me, I’ve been particularly interested in mental illness in parents, and how it can impact their family lives, how they feel about their family, about themselves as parents. Stories to inspire others who may be going through the same thing, or to further understanding in people lucky enough to have never personally had experience with it.

Information is the key. So, I’ve decided to set up a Monday series on the blog, Mental Health Monday, where I’ll be sharing pieces from other parents – some bloggers, some not, giving different viewpoints of their life with mental illness. It will hopefully be cathartic and informative, and should be a good tool to make others feel “It’s not just me. It’s going to be okay”. A new piece will go live each Monday at 6pm

If you’re interested in taking part and sharing your story, I’d love to include it. It can be a new piece or one you have already published elsewhere. Drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll be in contact to discuss your piece. I’d love to get as many people as possible involved to share a broad range of experiences so that there’s something for everyone to relate to or learn from.