MidWeek Madness: What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’ve not quite hit the midweek slump yet, but I can feel it on the way. I’m over the half way mark of this solo parenting venture, the end is in sight when Himself will be back with us and I will be able to pee by myself. Oh, the little things that bring us joy. It’s been a nice week overall so far, weather-wise it’s been much nicer than usual (let’s ignore getting soaked on the walk home from creche on Tuesday), the scales were in my favour at my weigh in, and I got some very good news at the end of last week, which is always nice. Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to lately!

What I've Been Up To Lately - Midweek Madness Recap - BadMammy.com


I’m currently working my way through #GirlBoss, Sophia Amoruso (CEO of NastyGal)’s guide to how she has made her empire. It’s really inspiring and has some tips which really do fit with any kind of endeavour – good for keeping the motivation up!

This post from Bumbles of Rice on the Things Adults Should Do To Prove They’re Adults is brilliant – I tick off very few of them at the moment, need to work on that. How do you fare?

Kellie from My Little Babog wrote this piece about how parenting is an endless learning journey. The point about the cheerios is a daily reality in my house lately. Seriously.


I’m currently in the middle of a How I Met Your Mother rewatch, absolutely loving it. Also awaiting the series finale episodes of Greys Anatomy and Law and Order SVU (another binge watch lately).

A blogger who I really admire, Sunny Days and Scattered Showers, has recently started vlogging, all about living with mental health issues – not just the “I got through it” stories, the good, bad and the in between. Definitely worth a look for a much rounder picture of what living with mental illness in modern day Ireland is like.

I also did something very different with my Friday night last week and headed along with my lovely friend to a comedy show in Cork’s City Limits Comedy Club. I may have had no voice (which amazingly wasn’t any better the following day), but in particular for a sober night out (rocking the Diet Cokes), it was an absolutely excellent choice for my Mammy’s Night Off.


I’ve recently discovered the An Irishman Abroad series of podcasts on iTunes, Jarlath Regan interviews Irish people and those with Irish heritage who have worked both here and abroad. People like Pat Shortt, Graham Linehan, Dara O Briain, Des Bishop and Louise O Neill are among my favourites so far – it’s great to hear stories of those who have broken out of the norm and done amazing things with their careers, as well as their ups and downs in a very casual conversational way.

The Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack has always been a good one for new music, and at times, gorgeous covers of already familiar songs. My latest discovery is one such cover. Sleeping At Last, a band considered a Grey’s Anatomy house band, covering As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys – it turns this pop tune into an emotional ballad and it’s just gorgeous.


Very happily, jeans that haven’t fitted me in AGES. Yay for Slimming World actually working!

The sunny weather has meant more chances to leave the house without a coat/big hoodie – which can only be a good thing. Supposedly next week is meant to be just as good, I live in hope. May need to go shopping for a new Summer wardrobe soon, which will be nice!


…does “The Most of The Good Weather” count? It’s been one of those weeks. The Diet Coke Chicken and the Egg Muffins have made more re-appearances (I should really bung up the recipe for the egg muffins, they’ve been a lifesaver).

I’m hoping to do some crafty bits with E over the weekend, I’m thumbing my way through a copy of Get Crafty, the fabulous craft book by Ali Coghlan, and eyeing up some toddler-friendly projects for the inevitable rainy parts of the next while! I’ll be sure to put up the fruits of our labour, as a record of my ability to hand the child things to colour with that don’t wind up on my walls (fingers crossed).

One Last Thing…

I went to a Chronic Pain Ireland session in Cork last Saturday and found it really rewarding, a definite highlight of the last week (even if my voice made Kermit the Frog sound like his voice had broken…). So good to meet others in the same boat as me.

Also, did I mention the weather lately?

What have you been up to lately?


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