Talking Motherhood in Irish Country Magazine

Last month I got an email which excited me greatly – I was being asked to be part of Irish Country Magazine’s Women of Ireland 2016 series, in a piece about motherhood and parenting in modern Ireland. Never mind that, there was mention of hair and makeup and getting dolled up for a glam photoshoot – I was sold! It’s now hit the shelves and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Motherhood Irish Country Magazine

I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot done by the amazing talent that is Lili Forberg, a true miracle worker in hiding sleepless nights and a lovely lady to boot. The ladies I was being interviewed with were absolutely fab too, and totally glam to boot – Pamela Flood of RTE and Niamh O Reilly, super nanny and sleep magician for small kiddies! It was great to chat to these ladies who have different experiences to me of what it is to raise children in modern Ireland but definitely hit the same obstacles and attitudes from day to day. It goes to show, we’re all really in the same boat!

Motherhood Irish Country Magazine

The absolute treat of it all was getting glammed up – amazing hair done by Kazumi Hair Salon, and makeup done by Clarins – it definitely made Mama’s day off a whole lot more luxurious, not to mention the incredible goodie bags so kindly given by Clarins! Chatting with Klara Heron over coffee about life as a young mum in Ireland was really nice – it was literally that, a chat, which always makes an interview much nicer! Having been stung before by comments made being misconstrued, I was really happy to see that the points I made were put across in the way I meant them. Overall, the piece seems to me to be a great snapshot of what it is to be a mother in modern day Ireland, and is a great addition to Irish Country Magazine’s Women in Ireland 2016 series.

motherhood chats Irish Country Magazine

It was a really fun experience over all that I’m thrilled to have been part of. If you want to check out the piece, the April 2016 issue of Irish Country Magazine is in shops now.


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