Moves like Bambi


The tiny tyrant is on the move. It started with rolling (NEVER to be ignored on the sofa), then a rather pathetic attempt at crawling where he drags himself along the floor, and now it’s gone to pulling himself up to standing. He is immensely proud. I am having mini heart attacks.

See, the standing is all very well and good, bravo. I much prefer it to dragging his clothes along the floor and eating everything that even looks remotely moveable (or not, as the tiny teeth marks on various furniture and my leg will lament). It means he’s growing up and becoming a “wobbler” instead of a baby, that he’s getting independent and turning into a little boy. All of that is perfectly fine after a few deep breaths.

But. It’s the concept of moving that is the problem. Standing, cool. Crawling, cool. It’s pretty hard to fall off the floor. It is much easier, from what I have experienced over the last week, to fall head first crashing to the floor. The element of putting one foot in front of the other seems to be one that hasn’t quite equated in his head yet; the arms and the top of his body goes forward but the rest of it doesn’t follow. Sometimes it phases him, with a roar and sobbing, tears and needs for cuddles with Mammy and potentially a biscuit. Sometimes it doesn’t – and that slightly worries me more, the silence, the internal screaming in my own head of “Oh my god what if he is concussed/has depleted braincells/is destined to fail the Leaving Cert because I wasn’t paying enough attention?”. But he smiles and continues playing. He’s Tubthumping, he gets back up again, it’s never going to keep him down. It bothers me more than it bothers him.

My little man is growing up. On Monday he’s going to be 11 months old – a fact I haven’t quite got my head around just yet. He’s learned to shake his head over the last few days, so is seemingly saying no to absolutely everything. Especially if its “Do you want to go to bed”. Ahem. It is all the more funny when set to “Shake it Off”. He’s not quite yet got the Moves like Jagger, more like the Moves like Bambi. Ah, sure, he’ll get there.