Moving House: Not for the Faint Hearted

house moving-2

I’m sitting writing this in my new apartment, praying that my data package from my iPhone holds out (how much data could a blog post take up?) since we’ve been informed that our broadband provider won’t be sending someone around until at least next Monday. I’m surrounded by most of our belongings, some unpacked, some still in boxes – the remains in the other place which we still have the keys to until Thursday. The joys of moving house.

It’s been a long journey here, and the settling in period isn’t proving any less stressful. It’s like a pregnancy in a way, now we’re into the fourth trimester of the house move, we’ve the shiny new baby apartment, and we have to figure out the best way to do things from here. I’m about as good at house hunting stress as I am at pregnancy (i.e.: crap) so I am very, very glad it’s over and done with. I didn’t realise just how much of an issue our toddler, loud and lively as he is, would be with certain landlords. One even refused to outright say it, but did attempt (very blatantly) to talk me out of living in her house – and berated me for my lack of driving skill in the process. We didn’t get the house we intended to get, we are in apartment land again, but we’re now on the ground floor in a lovely professionally run place so I’m happy.

The boy slept in a big boy bed for the last two nights by himself(for the most part, I may have lay down next to him until he fell asleep and wound up taking a four hour nap last night, oops). Bold Mammy me, I forgot to buy the bloody side rail, and we hadn’t decided whether or not we’d be assembling the cot. The fact that the drill was SOMEWHERE in the boxes and the cot was in pieces made up my mind – big boy bed (he gets a double bed at 17 months, something I didn’t get until I was 20!) it was! After the initial overexcitement on the first night (lots of running around the bed giving me heart failure as I had visions of him leaping off the bed), much to his disgruntlement he was bundled into a gro-bag to put a stop to the running and he went to sleep, with his Mickey Mouse duvet and a support pillow acting as a barrier, cot mattress on the floor. There were a few wake-ups, but being able to lie down next to him and shush him back to sleep was much easier than dealing with bending in and out of the cot. Yay for progress – not trying to jinx it at all, I have full faith that tonight will now be a nightmare, but we’ll take this one night at a time..

In the mean-time, I was left in the house with no kettle, no cutlery and no plates… take-away it was. This moving house business is not doing wonders for my waistline, but the addition of the hills to my walks back from town should hopefully remedy that! As the place is furnished but described as a “blank canvas” we are discovering things we didn’t realise were necessary as being essential when you don’t have them – such as a drawer to put said non-existant cutlery in…

Anyway, this is just checking in. I’m likely to be sporadic for the next week or so, as lack of broadband is going to stunt the amount I can blog, but I’ll be back again soon with more tales of toddler woe and likely some wild attempts at copying the bedroom decor I see on Pinterest which hopefully won’t wind up on a Pinterest Fails post on Buzzfeed. One can only dream….


In the meantime, if you really can’t wait to hear what I’ve been up to, I’ll likely be updating my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as per usual – come for the cries for coffee, stay for the random chats!

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