Netflix Rainy Day Watching for January Blues

Oh, the weather outside is… well, it’s bloody awful for the last few weeks, isn’t it? While I consider myself extremely lucky to not have been affected by the horrific flooding around the country, it has been pretty miserable out, meaning that my big wandering walks have been lessened and more time trying to keep a toddler amused and myself sane has been had. It’s been a long holiday break, but there’s nothing like getting stuck into a series to make the time go faster. Enter Netflix, saviour of the rainy day blues.

Rainy Day Netflix Binging - Kids TV and Period Dramas - Four Walls, Rainy Days

This month we’ve been graced with a miracle in the form of Season 2 of Peppa Pig. I don’t know what crazy hypnotic magic that little pink brat uses, but my 21 month old is obsessed. Which means I’ve seen a lot of episodes, so new ones that I’m not able to say all of the words along with are refreshing! Though we’re not quite over the removal of Fireman Sam just yet, this is definitely a move in the right direction. 

When Peppa isn’t being summoned by the two foot tall tyrant, it’s the other love of his life – Paw Patrol. It mixes his two great passions – dogs and fire engines (and other vehicles) – and to its credit, it isn’t mind numbing children’s television. There’s one season up, but it is 26 episodes so I’m not fit to throw the teeny tiny Apple TV remote out the window just yet. 

Outside of Kids TV, the weather has inspired a good old fashioned binge watch of Downton Abbey. The finale of the period drama aired this Christmas, which I loved, and I spotted that the fifth season of Downton was added to Netflix. I’m currently hitting Season 3, and am noticing things I didn’t notice, or didn’t remember, first time around – little details which make a lot of sense when you know how the story ends. I’m also falling madly in love with the clothes again, such gorgeous dresses!

I’ve yet to start on the documentary series Making A Murderer; it looks like something I’d have to invest a chunk of time to instead of watching in small bursts. Going on what others are saying, it’s seeming to be amazing, interesting, engaging and enraging. I’m at risk of serious FOMO, so I’m sure I’ll break soon and join the mass hysteria about the injustice of the American legal system, but until then, it seems that chick flicks like What Women Want and Saving Mr Banks will fulfil my comfort watching needs. For brain stimulation, documentaries like The Thread – a look at how the internet is changing journalism, in particular with a focus on the Boston Marathon and the online frenzy over the next few days in the hunt for the Boston Bombers – and Catfish – the original, not the series, which has really got me thinking about people I speak to online and how much I really know about them (and them me). 

Netflix picks for January 2016

I’m hoping for better weather, longer walks and less of the cooped up cabin fever that has taken up so much of the Christmas holidays, but while I wait for the weather to calm, at least we’re being kept amused! 

What have you been watching lately? Am I really missing out by not having checked out Making a Murderer yet? Let me know your thoughts It’s in the comments! 


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Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an iPad Mini in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own, and I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team. 


  1. I’ve watched Making a Murderer through twice now. (Once before I went home for Christmas, and the second time with my family). It’s the most addictive show on Netflix at the minute, and so bizarre as well. What a mix of emotions! Haha.

  2. Oh Making A Murderer, enthralling, frustrating, addictive.
    Really enjoyed Saving Mr Banks and sure we’re just loving Paw Patrol!!

    1. Finding myself doing a lot of shouting at the screen at MaM!

      Do the pup pup boogie…. it will never leave my brain.

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