Netflix Tag 2017

What have you been watching lately? Are you stuck into a marathon, or looking for something new? This is a tag post I took part in a few years ago, which I thought definitely could do with freshening up. So, here’s my 2017 Netflix Tag. I’d love to see others taking part too, so there’s a linky at the end!

2017 Netflix Tag

What’s Your All Time Favourite on Netflix?

Nothing beats Downton Abbey for a good feel-good binge watch. The romance, the clothes, the attitude. Not to mention the one liners from Maggie Smith – she is PERFECTION.

For sass, I get stuck into The Good Wife. I’m hoping that they bring in The Good Fight, as I really enjoyed that on More 4 and would love a rewatch.

For suspense, How To Get Away With Murder is definitely number one. Even though I’ve seen each episode a few times, it still catches my interest each time. I’m looking forward to Series 3 coming to Netflix in the next few months.

What’s Your Current Addiction?

After reading Without A Doubt by Marcia Clarke, I’m re-watching The People VS OJ Simpson and finding even more little things than I did last time. It’s really well shot and cast, if you’ve not seen it yet you should put it on your list. Sarah Paulson absolutely kills it as Marcia Clarke, John Travolta’s eyebrows as Robert Shapiro deserve their own show, and it really does get into the feelings of frustration in the case. Whether you know much about the case or not, by the end you’ll be invested in justice getting served for Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Smith.

Eliott is currently fixated on Transformers Rescue Bots. He’s not completely dropped Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol, but we are becoming very familiar with the theme tune to Rescue Bots (roll to the rescue!). He’s also getting into things like Team Umizoomi, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Animal Mechanicals.


What’s On Your Wish List?

Greys Anatomy, Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds to come over to the Irish Netflix collection – nothing beats a good marathon of my favourites! I know they’re on some of the other country catalogues so hopefully they’ll come this way soon!

What’s Your Pet Peeve?

Shows that expire and don’t get renewed. I live in fear of expiry dates on the kids shows, as my toddler is less than impressed when his shows aren’t available on demand. Bob the Builder, gone but not forgotten.

What Are Your Marathon Essentials?

Tea. Something comfy – jogger bottoms and a hoody and my big Netflix blanket. Plenty of charge in my device! (And the child, happily entertained elsewhere!)

Whats on your Watch List?

The Keepers is still on my watch list – I’ve managed to get 3 episodes in, but it’s intense, so I’m waiting to be in the right head space for it. It really isn’t what it seems – as someone mad into her crime shows, I’d expected a murder who-dunnit and not much else. This story though, has so much more, so many more layers of darkness.

When The Bough Breaks – another one I’m thinking won’t be a light watch, so I’m waiting for the right head space. It’s a feature length documentary about postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. Not the lightest of topics, but one I care greatly about.

The Kings Speech – this has been on the list for a while. Colin Firth and the entire team behind this film won so many awards, including the Oscar for Best Picture.



Things I Think Everyone Should Watch

As well as the ones listed above, here’s what I’d recommend checking out on Netflix.

The Young Offenders – this is my film pick from the entire catalogue (and not just because it’s from Cork!). It’s hilarious and heartwarming and you’re dead inside if you don’t tear up at certain points. Coming of age story complete with Cork accents and gorgeous Irish scenery.

House of Cards – we’re midway through the latest season and loving it. It’s only slightly impacted by how much less shocking their antics are compared to the real life crazy in American politics at the moment. If nothing else, Claire’s wardrobe makes a binge-watch worth it alone. And it won’t come down to that.

Designated Survivor – more American politics. This time, Jack Bauer of 24 has become president after the entire government gets blown up. It’s well paced and there are lots of thrills, even if there are a few moments of “WTF was that?”. I’m really looking forward to Series 2.

13 Reasons Why – I wrote about this in more detail back when I watched it, but if you’ve managed to skip it until now, I’d add it to your list. Get the tissues (and the chocolate) at the ready, it’s an emotional ride, but a story that’s really important to tell.

Gilmore Girls – “If you’re out on your own….feeling lonely and so cold…” Gilmore Girls is the quintessential feel-good sitcom with a healthy dose of pop culture. You’ll find yourself shouting at the TV when Lorelai or Rory are being particularly stupid about their lives, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll try to keep up with the speed of their speech… and the whole lot of it is on Netflix so you can enjoy it at your own pace. Enjoy!

So, there’s my picks from Netflix’s Irish catalogue for the Netflix Tag – did I leave out anything spectacular? I’d love to see your answers! Do your own answers to the tag post and share it as part of the linky below!

Tagging Where Wishes Come From, Chirps from a Little Red Hen, Another Drop Of Ink, This Irish Family and It’s Just A Phase – and whoever else wants to take part in the Netflix Tag!

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Disclaimer; as part of  Stream Team I was giving an Apple TV and a years free membership of Netflix.
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  1. Great list!Watched the Young Offenders last week and laughed my arse off-it was brilliant!Have yet to check out Downton Abbey,it’s been on my list for ages!

    1. The Young offenders was so much better than I thought it would be, and it looked great! Downton is a must-watch – grab the tea and settle in!

  2. How to get away with murder and young offenders now officially on my watch list. Loved The Keepers. My absolute favourite Netflix binge watch has to be Sons of Anarchy though. Blackfish is brilliant and also just watched Virangu. Both fantastic documentaries x

  3. I watched one episode of The Keepers on a beautiful hot sunday and had to stop. I think you really have to go into it having an idea of what it’ll be about and I didn’t. Also loving House of Cards this season and I keep meaning to watch “How to get away with murder”….

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