13 Questions I’ve Got Watching PJ Masks

Paw Patrol has been shoved to the back burner. These days we’re all about PJ Masks. Or CD Mac, dependent on how much he feels like working on his pronunciation. It’s not on Netflix, so we work from recordings on the Sky Box from the POP channel. He sees a lot of ads this way, but thankfully doesn’t seem to realise they’re for ACTUAL toys. I hope.

Much like Paw Patrol and other kids shows that have filled our heads over the last three years, PJ Masks leaves me with so many unanswered questions.

Questions I've Got Watching PJ Masks

When do they sleep? Surely if they’re in school and doing normal children’s activities during the day, and spending their nights as crime fighters, they’re missing out on the REM sleep they desperately need? Perhaps they’re actually hallucinating half of the crimes, due to lack of sleep?

How do the parents not realise their children are sneaking out? What kind of lax security do you have if your six year olds can break out every single night without you ever noticing?

Why does the crime only ever happen at night time? What kind of nocturnal criminals are we dealing with?

If it is the pyjamas that give them their superpowers, where did they get them? Am I to worry about terms and conditions that come with buying new pyjamas in Penneys, or are they more of a H&M thing?

Why, when they spend the episode not listening to Gecko, is the lesson that HE needs to speak up more, not that THEY need to listen to their friends?

How bad are the cutbacks in the police department if crime solving is being left to children more than a decade away from adulthood? Like, it’s great that it’s being done by humans in this case, but still, they’re kids. I’m not exactly trusting the safety of the town here.

What do the people who work on night shifts think of the clearly criminally-rife circumstances after dark in their neighbourhood?

What kind of hold does Night Ninja have over the Ninjalinos?

How are they funding their tower hideout and all the gadgets? Are they in a similar investment club to Ryder from Paw Patrol?

If all of the characters (good and evil) are all children, are they all actually in the same class in school? If so, do they actually get along by day and battle by night?

What kind of driving licence does one need for their superhero vehicles? And if they’ll pass six year olds in that driving test, can I get one in their town?

Why have they made the female character the one who is always talking too much AND is always wrong?

When will the ear worm of the theme tune get out of my head?

There are probably many more questions that will occur to me over time, but those are enough for now. Although really, there’s one main one – why am I getting so invested in PJ Masks?

Has your child gotten stuck into PJ Masks? Have you got any answers, or further questions for me? Leave a comment below or chat to me over on Facebook.
Questions I've Got Watching PJ Masks


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