How To Survive Snowmageddon with the Kids At Home

The Beast from The East has been making its way across Ireland. The street value of a sliced pan is high, motivation to go into work is low, and there’s talk of red alerts meaning nobody is going anywhere. Which means the schools are closed, and it’s debatable as to what the escape options are over the next few days. If you’re at home with the kids, this all sounds brilliant for the first 24 hours (or if it’s a threenager, 24 minutes). However, after a while, cabin fever may well kick in. I’ve asked other members of the Irish Parenting Bloggers what they’re planning to do to stave off the crazy cabin fever over the next few days of Snowmageddon – here’s what they’ve come up with.

In The Kitchen

The lovely Suzy from The Airing Cupboard is planning to bake through the blizzard. These muffins from Cookie and Kate are on her to-bake list, with added chocolate chips to make them even tastier.

Sharyn from Raising Ireland is planning to make doughnuts and superhero costumes with her little ones to keep the boredom at bay while it’s too cold to go outside! (And while they’re busy with all that fun, she might even get a glimpse at the end of the laundry basket – a true winter dream!).


Sinead from Bumbles of Rice has a slightly different approach – why not use the time to teach little ones how to cook? The kitchen is not just for the sweet stuff – her little boy, Cathal, was just five when he learned to cook an entire meal for the family dinner. While you mightn’t be as ambitious if it’s their first time trying it, there’s definite merit in giving it a try! 



Kellie from My Little Babóg has a bit of a different attitude on baking with little people as a form of dispelling the cabin fever, however. As a mum of four (with three of them under four), her recent experience of making rice crispy buns with little ones has turned her off the idea just a little bit…


Arts and Crafts


Clare from The Tully Tales has got plans to pull out the finger paints to keep her 1 year old, Jack, entertained while it snows outside. Some messy fun will keep them entertained while preventing the crazy for a few hours. If that fails, the sand pit is making a retreat from the garden for some more sensory fun.



Ellen from Bumps and Roundabouts, who recently added a new little boy to her busy house, will be trying to keep her boys busy with Mother’s Day crafts for their Nanny. Now that’s what I call an efficient use of time – two birds with one stone right there. If that’s not enough, just to ensure they get some snow fun while staying warm, she’s got this great indoor snow recipe which looks brilliant and like lots of fun for little hands. Hopefully, that will keep the boys busy and allow their little brother to nap in peace – too much to ask?



Painting the windows may sound a bit drastic, but it’s exactly what Nicola from Lady Nicci has got in mind. Painting with toothpaste that is – which her daughter August is a big fan of. Messy, yes, but much less of a clean up than actual paint, and keeps them entertained for ages!



Lisa from Irish Baby Fairy has a novel suggestion where the snowmen can get built without cold hands or even stepping outside the door. These salt dough snowmen are a great idea and will keep little hands busy while it’s too cold to go outside. Use the recipe for the salt dough in this piece and use your imagination to make creative snowmen!


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Fort Building

Adelle from Dodies To Daquiris is ready to get Fort Building with her little ones! “Fort building is always a good one for rainy stormy days here I have teepees for the twins now but they still love a good aul’ fort under the kitchen table with lots of blankets, we get a good few hours out of one, I always give them their lunch in picnic form inside them, sandwiches in tinfoil, little bag of crisps, fruit and a juice, they love it “.

Screen Time

Oh yes, screen time, the staple of time indoors with children. Something tells me the Netflix and DisneyLife accounts will be getting a good exercising over the next few days! There’s a wide variety to keep them occupied (and not just the same episodes you’ve seen over and over again!).

For the little ones, there’s firm favourites like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Despicable Me 2 and How To Tame Your Dragon. For fans of the latter, the Netflix series, Dragons: Race To The Edge has recently added new episodes for them to get stuck into while you get a cup of tea into you! There’s also fun with the crew from Trolls: The Beat Goes On in store.

Hopefully that lot will keep you and yours entertained while the weather carries on outside. Make sure to pay attention to weather warnings ( follow them at and stay safe and warm while the storm goes on – and enjoy the novelty of the snow days as much as you can! What are you getting up to while the snow falls? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. The beast from the east surely kept us parents busy and coming with new and creative ways to keep the kids entertained, thank god it’s over!!

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