Just One More Show – Tales of a Netflix Addict

Just One More Show Netflix Addict Four Walls Rainy Days

So my blog has been a bit quieter of late. We’ve not been off on massive adventures, and we’re just over a horrible bout of sickness and plague in the house. We’ve been a bit pre-occupied by the Netflix box – I FINALLY figured out how to work it with the Nintendo Wii so am now able to watch it on the telly (meaning that when tiny man is watching, my laptop isn’t in danger). This has not made me very productive. Thankfully on the Wii it doesn’t have the feature of automatically heading into the next episode, but that doesn’t stop us clicking on “just one more” and hours going by. I could lament those lost hours that I could have written Pulitzer prize winning content, created the next great invention or finally gotten around to doing up the toddlers bedroom (thats a post for another day), however it has introduced me to some new fantastic things. These are my best bits this month, so far… Read More