Mental Health Monday: Let’s Talk About It

This week’s Mental Health Monday combines with the World Suicide Prevention Day happening a few days back. I read this post from Claire who writes at Plodding Along Quietly Crazy. I felt so much of it resonate with me. It’s brutally honest and from the heart, exactly the kind of conversations we need to be opening up. Silence is helping nobody in their battle for mental health. We need to talk about it openly and honestly. Claire is Mammy to two little men. She documents life with them and her battles with health and parenthood on her blog. You can also find her on Facebook. Hopefully this piece will resonate with you too and get you talking if you’ve been keeping schtum, or start off some conversations with those around you.

Mental Health Monday - Plodding Along Quietly Crazy talks about why we need to talk about mental illness and things going on with us to ensure a healthier society. Read More

Mental Health Monday : Beating Myself Into A Dress

To kick off this blog series all about mental health experiences by parents, I’ve got a blogger whose telling of her experiences was not only inspiring to me during my darker days of PND, but also to many others, resulting in her win of Best Blog Post in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014. Karen, who writes at Beating Myself Into A Dress, describes her experience with depression in such a relatable way, and is a fantastic advocate for mental illness in Ireland today.

Mental Health Monday - a new series where parents can share their experiences of living with mental illness - new posts going up every Monday at 6pm GMT. Check it out for more information. This week is Karen from Beating Myself Into A Dress talking about her experiences with depression. 2016. Read More