A New Baby Basket – Perfect Present for your Pregnant Pals!

When I was in hospital just about to give birth to Eliott (a day or two before the induction); my oldest friend Siobhán, who had seen me through every big and small life event since we were six, came to visit me. With her were two washing baskets, decorated and filled to the brim with goodies, baby necessities and gorgeous baby clothes – the perfect new baby basket. She had literally thought of everything. It was definitely one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received, and something I would love to replicate. As it happens, a rather awesome blogger friend of mine, the lovely Suzy from The Airing Cupboard, is expecting a little boy in the next few weeks, and as I understand that having a baby isn’t just a time to focus on the baby but also the new Mama, I’ve decided to throw together something similar; a little baby basket, a hamper of joy, love and Mammy treats.

new mama baby basket -badmammy.com

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The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper

What to get the friend who has everything? The person whose present you really have to get right? Theres only so many bath related gifts a person can get before they start wondering if people have other intentions than just “Ooh, she’s a girl, she’ll like bath stuff” (It’s a good idea to check that persons house has a bath before giving bath bombs. Just a tip.)

The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper - Four Walls, Rainy Days - Christmas Gift Ideas

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