Mammy’s Night Out, the IPB Awards!

Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015

Saturday, 25th of April. Dublin. It’s lashing rain, clearly, because we all want our hair and our tan to work out properly. The long awaited Irish Parenting Blog Awards. Inaugural awards night, which started as an idea a few months ago and thanks to the work and serious effort put in by some incredible bloggers (more about them later), it not only became a reality but a brilliant one.  Read More

March Madness!

March Madness


Another month gone by. Another first day of the month where I resolve that this is going to be the one where I give up the chocolate biscuit habit (oops), take up jogging (I’ve an excuse for this I swear!) and go to bed at a reasonable hour. That means it is now March, which is a special month for a number of reasons. It’s the month my parents got married, so kudos to them, means I’m here doesn’t it? It’s also the month that I gave birth last year. Oh yes, my little man is going to be a year old. A full year. Wow.

There’s a lot going on – heres just the things I’m looking forward to most… Read More

Loves of The Week

I fear I’ve been a bit of a bust on both the writing and diet front for November – I got hit by a rather diabolical bout of writers block over the last week, and responded to it by opening the biscuits. I blame the cold weather! And lack of motivation, and the fact that the shortcake biscuits go so well with my tea… That and the broken Macbook which makes this post necessary to come from my phone…

To remove the concentration from my complete fail of a week, I guess I should focus on the good, things that have gone on that I’ve found brilliant, and fun and all things wonderful. So here is my long-neglected Loves of the Week! Read More