When Okay Isn’t Really All That Okay: Pre-natal Depression

This week’s Mental Health Monday piece is from my archives – not my personal story, but a piece I wrote in conjunction with others for a magazine piece. It was eye opening for me to learn about prenatal depression and to speak to Madge and Rosey who have experience in the area. It’s something that is so rarely spoken about, which can lead to more feelings of isolation in pregnancy with women who do suffer with it. Hopefully you’ll find it insightful and a useful read.

Mental Health Monday : When Okay Isn't Okay - PreNatal Depression

The day you find out you’re pregnant is a life-changing day. Whether it is your first or your fourth, a planned new addition or an unexpected surprise, when that test changes to a positive sign, your heart will race and everything changes. For some it is a moment of absolute bliss, but for others, it can take a while for the news to sink in and to process whether or not this is a good thing. The image of a panicked woman and a pregnancy test in hand is not just reserved for the teenager terrified to tell her parents – even when you’ve got your life sorted out, that positive test can rock you to your core and make you think about what you really want in your life.

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When I was little, I wanted to be a writer, and my mother told me to get a day job first and pursue my dream on the side. Sensible woman, so she is. I kind of let that dream slide for a few years while I got on with trying to figure out the day job side of things; after running my way through a number of different retail jobs and vowing to never again do a job that required my HACCP cert, I finally found the day job that would fit for now – not forever, but for this stage of my life.

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