Somebody’s Baby. Just like yours or mine, but a refugee.

somebody's child

I admit, my knowledge of politics in the Middle East, and the horrific atrocities which are happening in the name of civil war and fundamentalist misinterpretation of religion is sparse. This is partially by choice; I try, as much as possible, to see the world as a place where there is good, and if I were to fall into the rabbit hole that is seeing past my rose tinted glasses, I would have difficulty in doing so. I have a basic knowledge of what is going on, growing by the day, but this week I have had to take pause, as has much of the world, thanks to an image which has started a very necessary conversation about people. People just like you and I, parents, children, siblings, grandparents. These people are someone’s children. That baby, a child of just three, is the same as any child of yours or mine.
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