Who needs teeth anyway?

Teething, thou art a heartless bitch. We got two teeth in a while back, and while it was a horrible few days (after three months of whining and red cheeks), both teeth popped up within 24 hours, and now we’re able to bite on our finger food before mushing it into the rest of our face/Mammy’s clean work clothes. This time around, it isn’t going as simply. Read More

Loves of The Week

It is 5am on a Sunday morning. Previously I only ever saw this hour from the other end, the tail end of a night out, with fried chicken and a cup of tea in front of me, heels thrown off beside the sofa and my pillow calling me for a rather long lovely lie in (or at least six or seven hours of straight sleep if I had work the following afternoon, thank you Sunday opening hours). Now there is no fried chicken, no cup of tea and a child bouncing in an exersaucer pressing on the keys of the keyboard and questioning why he can’t do his remix of Old MacDonald, Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a loop like he has been for the last week. Mammy needed her off button. It can work again when the sun is awake. Read More

Moving on up!

It’s a week of change here. We’re moving house next weekend to an apartment with a lift (much improvement!), a bath and a balcony – as soon as we manage to get everything packed up. We’ve got two weeks left on the lease of this place but we’re planning on moving the vast majority of our stuff over next weekend when we’ve got access to help and a van to bring all the stuff over. Read More

Back To Normal (We hope) – Return of the Amber Beads


A week late, the amber necklace has arrived. Appropriately enough, it was ten minutes after the discovery of the package in my letterbox and the given amount of jumping for joy while sedately pushing the buggy, fearing waking the sleeping child, that I discovered a shop that sells them. In Cork. A place I’ve walked past every single day for the last week, but only spotted them today. Absolutely typical. Read More

Ode to the Amber Bead

When it comes to teething baby, I’m fairly sure I’d lop my own arm off at this point if it would ensure he got a full head of teeth in pain free. For all of our sakes, not just his – its been the bones of two months of solid teething and we haven’t even seen white buds yet. He hadn’t quite accomplished properly sleeping when it started and its just driven him back into the “Ah sure Mammy loves company at 1,3,4 and 6am” brigade. Mammy does indeed, but she’d appreciate if that company didn’t scream in her ear and would suffice for sleepy cuddles. Read More

Another Week, another happy story.

This week has been one of those where I keep telling myself I should sit down and write, but each time I do it, E starts screaming. We are well and truly teething but not a sign of any white dots yet – not sure how much more of this can be taken without seeing progress. The poor little mite has taken to giving Sophie la Girafe hugs while he gnaws on his fists, bubbling at the mouth, dribble bib an eternal fixture. Read More

Teething Pains

It’s been an eventful week inside these four walls (and its only Wednesday, oh dear). We’ve had a lovely trip to Fota Wildlife Park, started a new diet (me, not the whole lot of us), gone self-hosted, renamed the site and E has started teething. A mixed bag, most definitely. And unfortunately the child isn’t the only one experiencing the teething pains! Read More