My Little Loves


It’s been a bit of a mad week here at the Four Walls, Rainy Days house. Lots of great stuff going on, E made his transition to full daycare (three days a week) at his wonderful creche, we appeared in The Irish Independent and my article was published in Maternity & Infant. On top of everything, at my first Weight Watchers Weigh In, I found out that despite not feeling any different, I’d lost 5 pounds – clearly doing something right. There’s a rather lovely linky going about, hosted by butwhymummywhy, that some of my favourite bloggers have been participating in, so I decided to join in the fun! These are my Little Loves of the week that was! Read More

Loves of the Week!

So it has been a hectic week here – one could say a pretty harsh week if you observed all of the broken sleep and screaming baby-ness (teething is taking it out of the whole lot of us and its only just begun..). However, theres no point in dwelling in the negativity and as a whole it hasn’t been a completely diabolical week. So in that vein, I’ve decided to compile a list of things I’ve loved this week – I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this and in order to mix up the blog to avoid negativity, I’m joining the bandwagon. Read More