Taking Baby Steps and Walking Miles



We’re getting there. Both me and the little man have been doing a lot of walking lately. We haven’t quite hit the stage of walking without clinging to something or someone (mostly Mammy’s leg or the sofa) but E is mad on the move and is so so close to proper independence. I can barely keep up with his crawling so when he gets running I’m proper done for. 

At the same time, I’ve been off work with a back injury for the last while, and so have had to find ways to fill my days. There are only so many shows on Netflix that you can watch in one sitting, and in an effort to avoid things like pairing socks, I’ve taken to walking the roads of Cork, which has happily turned out to be helpful for strengthening my back. As well as making me get out into the fresh air and walk my ass off, therefore feeling a bit more okay about the birthday cake I’ve been scoffing lately, I’ve found that the walking is definitely a help with my mental health. It’s good to get out of the house, out of the four walls which do have a habit of coming in closer and closer the longer I’m off work, and spending the time outside in the air discovering more beautiful parts of the county and city I’ve lived in for the last six years has definitely been of great help.

Beautiful Cork

We’ve discovered playgrounds and new cafes, and beautiful views. Himself is thrilled with the walks as we seem to have discovered the areas that people go dog walking; every time a dog goes past him in his buggy he squeals happily. All of this excitement and playground fun is a fantastic way to ensure he’s tired out by bedtime as well; just as well since he seems to be dropping the second nap already (Mammy just isn’t ready yet!). As well as everything, I’m also managing to feel a lot fitter; at the start my 10,000 steps a day goal was a toughie, I’m now hitting 20,000 steps some days and not even feeling wrecked from it – one of the walks was 21km, which I was pretty proud of (Note: E was not a fan of being in the buggy that long, despite two playground visits). I look around me at others running but for me, this is what I can do at the moment, so I’m having tequila with the lemons I’ve been given.

As for the baby steps? Wish me luck. Let me know of any fab places you know for taking long walks with a buggy – I’m always looking for somewhere new!




  1. Well done on all that walking! You’ve inspired me to try and get out there a bit more. Fresh air and a bit of light exercise does everyone the world of good! Baby B doesn’t like her buggy either but we recently picked up a Smart Trike and she would quite happily be pushed round in that for hours!!

    X Becca #maternitymondays

    1. He loves the smart trike here too but I have yet to get the knack of the front wheel so I slightly prefer the buggy! Glad I’ve inspired you, it really does help clear the mind! Thanks for reading 🙂

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