Who needs teeth anyway?

Teething, thou art a heartless bitch. We got two teeth in a while back, and while it was a horrible few days (after three months of whining and red cheeks), both teeth popped up within 24 hours, and now we’re able to bite on our finger food before mushing it into the rest of our face/Mammy’s clean work clothes. This time around, it isn’t going as simply.

This time around, we seem to have developed a new shriek. Think of a banshee waking up and realising that her phone screen smashed in the middle of the night, and her favourite show got cancelled, all at the same time. And theres no tea. Yeah, that kind of shriek. The kind that has me thinking a few minutes in (because its not just a quick moan, its a full blown screaming fit that little will stop) that I should be googling phone numbers of people who perform exorcisms, because this isn’t like my lovely little boy at all, not the child who smiles up at me and says “Da da da da da” (for some reason, only says Mama when he’s whining, but Dada gets the happy talk). It also seems to happen at the most awkward times – not at home, normally surrounded by others, and when I’m unable to do much about it – i.e., in the buggy when it is POURING down and I can’t exactly open the rain cover to appease him without the poor child getting washed away. As traumatic as his tooth situation is, I can imagine that learning to swim is not on his agenda at the moment.

The magic of the amber beads seems to have worn off, but I’m terrified to try without it, just incase this is the Teething Lite version; I’m not sure how much more I can take without actually calling in for backup. All I can do for now is stick to soft foods, give as much teetha and nurofen as they recommend, and pray that this amount of pain is due to all of them deciding to come up at once so we never have to do this again…

And on it goes!



  1. I used to roar ‘I hope you look after these feckin teeth when you grow up’. Best wishes. I hope it all settles down soon. Thats the thing about teething isn’t it, you never know when it will all stop or kick off. It’s real life torture.

    1. Definitely! People keep saying to me that if it was an adult, they’d be driven to insanity with the pain of teething, so I do feel sorry for the poor pet, but I’m starting to sometimes wonder if dentures would work out as a better option..

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