The Start of Something New

You may be wondering what’s happened. The artist that was formerly known as Four Walls, Rainy Days has vanished, and like the phoenix coming from the (populated with lots of computer jargon I don’t understand) burning flames, has arrived. While it’s not exactly life shattering news, to me it does signify a big shift in the blog – having found its focus, and the direction it wants to go in, with a new catchy title to draw you in.

(And if the title doesn’t do it, the promise of biscuits likely will, admit it)

the start of something new -

I spend much of my life trying to convince myself that I’m not the terrible mother I think I am. I berate myself for the amount of Peppa Pig watched in our house, while knowing that Peppa Pig is the reason I’m able to prep the food for the child to eat throw on the floor and laugh in my face while thinking of eating. I lament that I didn’t exclusively breastfeed, that he has had chocolate before his second birthday, that he likely knows how to use my phone better than I do. Mammy Guilt is a very real thing, and so I thought I’d summon up all of that negative energy and make it into a positive, into something where I can poke fun at the very concept of being a “Bad Mammy” – a concept entirely thought up inside our heads for no reason other than to give ourselves a stick to beat our heads with.

There won’t be too much change to the normal running here – it’s still going to be my musings on life, rants about mental health and the sleep deprivation laments of a mad woman. This is just a move that for me feels right, like it’s much more fitting to the woman I am now than the one who sat on her bed typing about being trapped inside because of the weather on that first afternoon. It also helps that it’s one hell of a lot more memorable and catchy. Household name, here I come.

Hopefully you’ll still like it around here, I hope you gain some sense of the fact that neither you nor I are in effect “Bad Mammy”s – not in reality anyway. So grab your coffee, stick the child infront of Fireman Sam and enjoy! Do let me know what you think of the change, if there are any teething issues you notice or if you’ve generally anything to say – either leave a comment below or drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you!