4 Lessons My Toddler Has Taught Me

I come with a tiny entourage, all 3ft of him, my two year old toddler. I spend most of my days trying to teach him right from wrong, good food from bad food (i.e., leave the stuff in the bin IN THE BIN and come back and eat from your plate) and to say please and thank you to others. Trying to bring a child up is a massive learning curve. I’m a wholly different person to who I was three years ago, before I fell pregnant and my life changed. He’s taught me so many things (yes, I know that sounds cheesy). Here are just some of them…

4 Lessons My Toddler Has Taught Me

He’s TubThumping.

He gets knocked down, he falls over, he flings himself over the back of the sofa like he’s practicing for Olympic Pole-vaulting. He puts out his lip, then brushes it off, gets back up again and tries to give me heart attacks all over again. Even the things that make him break are only temporary. It’s a good way to look at the world; no matter what way you fall you can get back up again. He knows no different but to get back up again and get on with it!

If at first you don’t succeed, continue until you wear them down.

Persistent is one word I could use to describe my little boy – he knows what he wants (most of the time) and he’ll damn well make sure you know it too. Sure, I might say no the first 80 times he asks for another episode of Paw Patrol, or yet another banana (there are only so many one toddler can eat in one sitting for health reasons!), but my resolve will get worn down in the end. Likewise, if I really want something, he’s giving me the belief that if I push hard enough for what I want, I will get it. It might take a bit more than nagging and continually repeating the name of the person I’m aiming that nagging at, but if I want it enough, I’ll get there.

There are little things in life that are made to be admired, even if they’re part of the everyday.

Our every walk is filled with “Car!” “Cow!” “Bus!” – the things I’ve gotten so used to seeing out the window or in my direct surroundings, they continue to amuse him the same way each and every day. He sees them as a novelty. Add some flashing lights and he’d probably give it a national day of celebration, such is his enthusiasm. It’s all too easy to become complement with the things around you, and I know I’m certainly guilty of that, so I’ve started to become a lot more aware of the little things around me. The nice view of the duck pond, the extra long cuddle from the toddler who is already starting to feel like he’s too cool for me, the delicious salad I had for lunch.

Even though you’re super confident, it’s alright to have days where you need an extra hug to get by.

My toddler doesn’t need me, and he makes no qualms about not hiding it. He’s happy to run off into creche, or off with a random stranger if you put it to him without even looking back at me (yes, this is something we need to work on). However, when he’s not feeling well, he doesn’t care who sees him clinging like a limpet to his Mama for one more hug just a little longer. Regardless of surroundings, he shows his vulnerability, which can be all too easy as an adult to hide away for fear people might think we’re human. It’s alright to be vulnerable from time to time, especially when it’s with people we love.

Those are just some of the lessons I’ve learned from my toddler, and hopefully we’ll continue to teach each other some more about life! What life lessons has your child taught you? Let me know in the comments below!


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4 Lessons I've Learned from my toddler

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  1. We really can learn a lot from our children as they go through life, can’t we?! Thanks for reminding me of that. Congratulations on your nomination! x

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