How the Tile Mate has made my life (and mornings) infinitely easier

I’m a scatterbrain. My mother used to describe me saying that I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached, and she’s right. Over the years I’ve lost rings bought by teenage boyfriends, numerous locker keys, various money notes (thankfully most showed up again), and various other things. I’ve not ever been one to lose things on a drunken night out though. No, I manage to do it stone cold sober. At the age of 25, it’s probably time to do something about it. The real impetus to get my act together happened just before Christmas, and has brought the Tile Mate into my life. So, inspired by Bumbles Of Rice posting about the things that make her life easier, here’s a look at something which makes mine infinitely easier.

Tile Mate - Things That Make My Life Infinitely Easier -

So what happened before Christmas? I’ve written before about learning to drive and buying my first car. I had my driving test lined up for the week before Christmas. Practicing mad, so I was. Out in the car most nights with some very understanding friends who were willing to be dragged around housing estates to perfect my as of yet unperfected reversing around a corner. I was in work all day on the other side of the city. I realised on my walk to my bus to work one morning that I didn’t have my keys. Knowing me though, I assumed I’d just left them at home. Well, you know what happens when we assume.

I ripped apart the house. Searched in every corner. The toddler got blamed because he has precedent (that phone he hid FOR A MONTH before handing it back despite a similar house-ripping-apart). I consulted other Mammy friends. They suggested all of the random places their keys have ended up, but to no end. The driving test was on Saturday, this was Tuesday. Feck. I wasn’t given a spare key when I bought the car. I contacted the old owner who said she didn’t have one. Feck. I ring around the Garda stations, the bus station, anywhere I can think of that I might have left them or they may be dropped in. Nope.

I got in touch with my local Hyundai dealership. I prayed they wouldn’t fleece me for the price of a new one. 160 euro, they said, but you’ll need to drive the car over to get it done. Right, scratch that plan. I debated using my call out service from my insurance company as RoadSide Assist to get to the garage but decided against it. I’d already mortified myself with them by calling them out because my car wouldn’t start, only for the bloody thing to start when their guy got in. So, off to Google I go. I found NewLock, who were able to do a same day call out and get it sorted. Grand. 180 euro, but there wasn’t going to be wrangling with roadside assist or any more nonsense. They were quick and got me sorted out, I’d definitely recommend them if you’re stuck.

So, 180 euro down and I’m still working off the spare house key. A week later, I walk into Starbucks before work and am greeted with “Oh, did you get your keys? We have them here”. The keys are gone nearly two weeks at this stage. I’d been in there a few times and had never thought to ask, and the girl on duty hadn’t been there. So, I’ve got my keys back, and a spare which cost me nearly 200 euro before Christmas.

In the essence of never letting something like it happen again, Himself got me a Tile Mate for Christmas. It’s a little square that I can put onto my keyring. It’s bluetooth enabled and I’m able to track my keys like I can my phone from an app. Not only can I see the last place I had them (so I’d be able to see they weren’t in my apartment before ripping apart), but if I’m close enough to them I can RING them. Yes, ring them. It’s revolutionary.

I’ve had key finders in the past that responded to whistles, but found that they went off for any and every noise which rendered them pointless and painful to deal with. This time I head into the app, click on the keys, it either shows me where they are on the map, or tells me I’m close enough to find them. There’s even a choice of ringtones.

TileMate Tile Mate

I’ve not had to use it very much, but it has been handy for the morning scramble of needing to find them fast. The battery lasts a year under warranty. Once that year is up, there’s a ReTile programme which means you get a new one at a much reduced price, currently around 14 euro. The original Tile Mate costs between 26 and 34 euro, dependant on where you get it. You can buy in bundles of 4 or bundles of 8 at discounted prices.  For something that I don’t have to think about but that will get me out of having to pay ridiculous money to get a new car key, I’m really glad to have it.

If you’ve got a toddler at home who likes to hide things, or have a habit of losing things like myself, get one. You won’t regret it, and will save yourself a lifetime of searching.

This is by no means an ad for Tile Mate. It’s merely just a very happy user sharing her tale of how it’s set to save her money. I’ve not been sponsored nor given anything for this post. All opinions (and tales of car key woe) are truly my own. There is a link to where you can buy the Tile Mate on Amazon, just one of many providers. As I’m a member of Amazon Affiliates, any clicks and purchases made through that link will result in a small payment to me at no cost to you.
Tile Mate - Things That Make My Life Infinitely Easier


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