Where to Begin?

where to begin four walls rainy days

So its currently bucketing down outside. This being Cork, I shouldn’t be all that surprised. And the fact that the rains of the apocalypse (along with the wind and flooding) have been visiting a lot lately should really make this less of a deal. 

Except I’m stuck inside. Again. The lovely roundy bump I’ve been harvesting for the last 30 weeks gets in the way of my wonderful bright pink super waterproof raincoat from closing, and I’ve nothing even comparably waterproof to stick on so as I could get on with life outside the house. The fact that I’ve already left today, and come back armed with dinner supplies (but no chocolate, bad judgement on my part there!) doesn’t seem to matter to me. I’ve been off work with a back injury so seem to be embracing a rather long spell away from work, and I am bored. Bored, and now trapped inside away from the winds and the rains.

There is only so much Netflix, so many episodes of Greys Anatomy and so much daytime television. I’ve found myself embracing the Mammy blogs of the internet, in particular the Irish Mammy blogs. I seem to have found some affinity with these women, in particular the ones who blog about pregnancy. And so it occurs to me that maybe starting one of my own might be a way to stave off the boredom, and to let it all out!

So, heres is where I begin. Me staring at the four walls, and out at the lashing rain, as my future kick boxer in training decides to edge that one rib out a little bit more with every kick.



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