Who is she?

I’m Lisa, welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m not a Bad Mammy, though some days I have a hard day believing it.

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As well as being mammy to a not-so-little-anymore man born in March 2014, I recently graduated from UCC with my Masters in Public Health and am hoping to have a career in Public Health Research. I’m also someone who has fibromyalgia and a variety of fun conditions which means I’m rather passionate when I talk about chronic pain and how it impacts my life and our family life.

I started this blog while I was pregnant to vent out whatever was on my mind. It’s a great place to get it all out, as well as incredible for meeting new people and getting some great opportunities! These are my musings, madness and probably random links to things I like. I’m a working Mama with a love for writing, just learning as I go along.


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If you’re looking for high fashion and street cred, you’re likely looking in the wrong corner of the internet. However if you’re looking for genuine tales of parenting woes and joys, general day by day life as not just a Mama but also a young woman living in Ireland, tales of mental health, Netflix addiction and trying to find the perfect lipstick that won’t move, all while trying to get a few hours unbroken sleep –  I’m your woman. I write about my own journey with chronic pain and mental health, and it’s something I feel really passionately about.

I’m always happy to discuss potential for working with brands that are into all of the above –  if that is you, please get in contact through my email, [email protected], and I’ll get back to you shortly.

If you’d like to say hi, or contact me for any reason, shoot me a mail at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m also over on Instagram and Twitter – come over, give me a follow and see what I’m up to.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I was going to nominate you but I need your email address. If you go onto my blog and use the “contact me” you can send it to me if you would like.
    I enjoy reading your writing.

  2. Hi Lisa, hope you’re well?

    Just dropping you a note as I’d love to work with you this year. I’ll draft up an an email and send it over now.

    All the best and hopefully speak soon.

    Amy x

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