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Work With MeHere on BadMammy, we’re a PR friendly bunch. I’ve worked with a variety of different companies which align with what my readers are looking for – generally products and services that parents, young women and those affected by chronic illness will be drawn to.

I’m interested in working with companies on sponsored material. This is with full disclosure to my readers, and only for brands which fit with my blog. Things like Diet supplements, weight loss products, or products which are basically scamming new parents into a false pretence, they have no place over here. However, if it’s something you feel that my readers will genuinely want and need, then I am more than happy to work with you.

I am happy to review products and host competitions on this blog or on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.¬†Any reviews I do will be of my own honest opinion and will be duly marked as such. As general policy, I follow Google’s guidelines on disclosure and use no follow links for paid work. (Accepting all and any offers of sun holidays for review purposes to get out of rainy Cork, just saying…)

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you want to know anything further or request a copy of my media kit. I look forward to hearing from you!



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