Wrapped Up and Well Dressed; A Toddler Autumn/Winter Clothes Wishlist

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I’ve got a problem. The toddler clothes, they make me want to spend far more money than I would normally justify on clothes. The fact that they’ll fit him for a grand total of three weeks is besides the point. There are so many animal prints, how could I leave out any?

I’m trying to be good at the moment, while also wanting to satisfy the part of me that fawns over these ridiculously cute (and functional, I have kept some form of common sense!) tiny clothes which cost me more than my wardrobe does in a year (sigh). It may be down to the fact that it’s not yet hitting the colder weather – sure, the Irish weather can’t decide whether or not it’s adopting a monsoon section to the year, but it’s still sticky warm and summer-clothes-only climate. I’ve restricted myself thus far to a wishlist, a “I’ll get that in a few weeks when I’ve got birthday money/payday/less self restraint” collection which will fill my child’s wardrobe with gorgeous animal prints, beautiful colours and more-cute-than-functional designs. If you’ve got a little boy, most of these clothes are from ranges which start at newborn and go up to 24 months – hopefully you’ll see something you like too! 

toddler clothes cute animal patterns four walls rainy days


I’m a sucker for the animal patterns as you may have guessed – my absolute favourite outfits when E was smaller all had ears on the hood, and he LIVED in his grizzly bear pram suit for the entirety of his first winter. So this lot are making my heart sing quite a bit and are requiring some hiding of the Visa card to not appear in the wardrobe just yet.

1. This gorgeous cardigan from Next is a lot like one we got when E was a few months old, double buttons and beautiful knitted pattern with the obligatory ears on the hood. Part of me wants it for me too, but that would make me that uncool matching your child Mammy, and I’ve not hit that stage of crazy just yet. YET. Also, they only make it for up to 18 months, so it might be a bit of a tight squeeze. Oops.

2. Keeping with Next and the animals, this pram suit is nothing short of adorable. While I think E might be a bit too big for it this year since he’s now walking and running everywhere himself, I know a few tiny babies who would look absolutely divine all snuggled up in this so it’s going on some potential Christmas gift lists.

3. I love funky hats for little kids – I’m yet to convert E who hates anything on his head, but this trapper hat from Next is definitely going to be worth a try, he can be a super cool dinosaur while keeping the heat from leaving his little head!

4. I’m a major fan of all things Boots Mini Club, I find their outfits adorable as well as affordable, and they wash really well. This one caught my eye the other day and I knew it was going on “the list” – it’s got blue stripes, a badger and easy popper dungarees, so it even makes changing my wriggly toddler an easier job. They’ve got some really cool animal prints in their range this year, lots of badgers, racoons and foxes, it’s just as well I’m accumulating my loyalty points while I’m in there because I’m racking up quite a bill in my head!



After all the cutesy animal designs, I’ve also discovered the tiny hipster toddler range. Cue the elbow patches (how does a toddler wear out elbows on clothes when they fit him for 5 minutes??), cardigans and dicky-bows. Mix them all together, and you’ve got a rather dapper looking toddler.

A. This little outfit from Next‘s Special Occasions range (I know, my obsession is a problem) is 100% cotton and includes the trousers, bodysuit, waistcoat and dicky bow. Because clearly every 18 month old should have a four piece suit in his wardrobe… ahem. This may not be essential, but it is a seriously cute outfit that I may or may not be trying to find an occasion to justify buying it for..

B. I love teaming jeans and cardigans together as an easy casual outfit, I think they look really cute while keeping him warm enough, and allowing easy removal of layers if he does get too warm. This one from Boots Mini Club is really sweet, the buttons aren’t too finicky and its an easy going outfit!

C. In some former life I must have liked rugby, in this life it’s just the rugby shirt look I like! I absolutely love the vests that look like proper shirts – mostly because theres no issues with tucking the shirts in or keeping them out, the poppers take care of it all. This one is from H&M, it’s definitely on my to-buy list.

D. More stripes from H&M, this time with added elbow patches. Preparing my child for a future as a university lecturer, starting with the wardrobe. Can’t go wrong, and it comes in multiple colour combinations as well.

These were just some of the highlights from my perusal of the toddler clothes online – my card is safe for now, but only just! Did you like any of them? What are the cute things you’re dressing your baby/toddler in as the weather is getting colder? Let me know in the comments below!


This is not a sponsored post, I’ve no affiliation (apart from a serious case of admiration) to any of the companies listed, I just really like the clothes so decided to make a wishlist! 


    1. Nicola if you order the Boots Mini Club stuff online they’ll deliver to store for collection, we’re really lucky to have it in store in Cork but their website is super quick too – and you get 10 points per euro on the loyalty card for kids clothes! Next is a guilty pleasure because it is expensive but so, so cute. I was at one of their 5am sales last year which was madness but got some great boys stuff – all gone by 8am!

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